"That was the deep fun of the job: to feel within my body that I was pushing out to new areas of feeling, strange landmarks of emotion, tramping upon foreign soil, compounding new relationships of perception, making new and–until that very split second of time!–unheard-of and unfelt effects with words. It had a bouying and tonic impact upon me; my senses would strain to seek for more and more of such relationships; my temperature would rise as I worked. That is writing as I feel it, a kind of significant living."
Richard Wright

The Minor

The Creative Writing Minor Program at the University of California, Berkeley is offered by the Office of Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Division of Undergraduate Studies of the College of Letters and Science. The approved courses students take to satisfy the minor course requirements are offered by over thirty departments on campus. Interested undergraduate students in any major may earn an interdepartmental minor in Creative Writing by completing three approved upper-division creative writing courses and two approved upper-division literature courses from any department that offers them, satisfying the minor requirements, and declaring the minor.
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Laura Demir

Student academic advisor

The Student Academic Advisor’s job is to guide students and faculty as they navigate university, college, and program policies. With a long-time commitment to higher education, a master’s degree in career development and a love of learning, Laura enjoys supporting students, faculty and staff in honoring their uniqueness and making the most of their time at Cal.


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Answers to the most frequent questions and answers

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