Creative Writing Minor


Courses that are not included on the creative writing and literature approved course lists for the Creative Writing Minor may be counted toward the Minor with the approval of the Creative Writing Minor Faculty Adviser. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the Creative Writing Minor Faculty Adviser with the documents (course descriptions, syllabi, etc.) that will show the nature of the course. Contact the Creative Writing Minor Student Academic Advisor at for more information.

The Minor in Creative Writing is open to all undergraduate students at Berkeley. You can take as many as two of the required upper-division courses at another school, as long as at least two of your creative writing courses were taken at UC Berkeley. All courses for the minor must be upper division. Classes taken at a (two-year) community college are not acceptable, because they are lower-division courses. “Reading and Composition” courses will not count toward the minor for the same reason.

The Creative Writing Minor is open to all students at UC Berkeley. Since the minor is not tied to any single department, students in all majors, including English, are eligible to participate.

It depends. The courses need to have a creative writing or literature focus. They must be approved for the Creative Writing Minor. 

Only one course may overlap between a major and minor program. This applies to only one minor program and one major program if completing multiple programs.

Overlaps between minor programs are not allowed.

Courses accepted for a minor program may also satisfy L&S breadth requirements, when appropriate.

Officially completed minors appear on transcripts. They do not appear on diplomas.

If you do not find the answer to your question on the Creative Writing Minor website, email or schedule an appointment with Laura Demir, the Creative Writing Minor Student Academic Advisor. See her contact information under People on the minor website.